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High quality resin floors for domestic and business projects

G-vloeren delivers and applies high quality resinfloors with proven durability, colour freshness and longevity. Ideally suited for family- or home floors but also office floors, factory floors and shop floors will be protected by our top-quality and very colourful resinfloors. G-vloeren specializes in preparing all kinds of floors and floor bases (concrete or otherwise) for our special resin products and applying those products with the utmost of care, quality and professionalism. From our home base in Amsterdam we are able to work on every floor size and every floor base, using our special skills and tools, making the floor base smooth enough and clean enough to start applying the very thin resin product. Applying resinfloors desires special skills and knowhow. We acquired all our knowledge about resin floors in about 15 years. So, if you need a professional firm to add a very customized and quality finish to your floor, don't hesitate to call us at 020 - 846 36 94 or send your e-mail to

Different kinds of resinfloors you can order

At G-vloeren we use both polyurethane and epoxy resinfloors, both types of resins have very special key benefits depending on floor usage, the ability to withstand extreme chemical or mechanical loads or other kinds of environmental loads . The customization of your resinfloor is only bound by your own imagination. Whether you are a business owner or retailer or just want to give your bathroom a new look, we can apply any resinfloor you wish.Together with our technical specialists, you can choose a resinfloor tailor-made to your wishes and demands.

"G-vloeren offers business- and home owners special discounts on larger resinfloors areas (over 200 m2). A discount that can go as far as 15% of the m2 prize."

Smart features of our resinfloors

Our resinfloors are natural elastic and, come in true colours but can also be applied transparent, they have a seamless finish and high bearing capacity, are very safe to use for children, are wear resistant and are dust- and liquid repellent. Most importantly, our resinfloors are low-maintenance finishes; they can be cleaned simply using some water and some standard kitchen appliances. These resinfloors can also be used in combination with floor heating and can be applied in very special UV-resistant finishes or with slip-resistant top layers.

Our professionalism makes your resinfloor last

An experienced resinfloor firm knows how to prepare, execute and deliver a quality resinfloor. We take into account the necessary provisions to guarantee work safety, cleaning the floor base with special tools to ensure the work is done properly. Please call our service desk for more information about our special resin products.


G-vloeren Nieuws

maart 2017

G-vloeren levert hoogwaardige ESD-gietvloer aan IGT Europe

IGT Europe BV levert wereldwijd een breed aanbod diensten op het gebied van ontwerp, ontwikkeling, productie, distributie en verkoop van geautomatiseerde gaming-apparatuur, software en netwerk-systemen.

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10 februari 2017

G-vloeren kortingsactie 2017 - Gietvloer collectief inkopen samen met uw buren!

G-vloeren biedt particulieren in 2017 de mogelijkheid om gietvloeren collectief in te kopen. U kunt een samenwerking aangaan met uw buren om aantrekkelijke m2 prijzen te bedingen.

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24 februari 2016


Waarom een kunststof vloerbedekking? Geen hoogpolig tapijt, maar een moderne superdunne en zeer duurzame vloerbedekking, is dat wat u zoekt? G-vloeren beschikt.

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Hierbij willen wij onze complimenten geven aan het team van G-vloeren. Van begin tot eind een goede service gehad en de gietvloer is schitterend geworden.

Familie van Stralen

Beste G-vloeren,
Top werk geleverd en zeer blij met het resultaat van onze duo design gietvloer. Wij raden iedereen aan om bij G-vloeren een gietvloer aan te schaffen.

Jan en Bianca Rutten

Graag willen wij jullie bedanken voor de prachtige vloer en jullie goede service. Met name onze complimenten aan Vincent.

Richard Langeland

Geweldig werk, service en zeer flexibel
Onze winkelvloer was in 2 dagen alweer volledig belastbaar waardoor wij geen omzet verloren zijn in tegenstelling met andere vloersystemen.