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Beautiful decorated spaces and smart cast flooring

G-vloeren (Amsterdam, The Nether ands) is a highly specialized Dutch firm in applying and delivering quality castfloors for homeowners, business and retailers. Our castfloors can be seen in many homes, offices and shops around the country. The last 15 years we have been focussing on smart and sustainable cast flooring such as epoxy and polyurethane finishes. These are all seamless finishes which can be applied on any floor base. Castfloors are the perfect finish to create a low maintenance space, an aesthetic pleasing atmosphere and most of all, a very comfortable space. The use of polyurethane and epoxy resins makes floors dust- and dirt repellent, makes them water resistant en most of all; makes them withstand any chemical or mechanical load. All our castfloors can be applied in a wide range of different colours as well as transparent finishes and top layers, including slip resistant and anti-static top layers.

Colourful and low maintenance castfloors using polyurethane resins

We are proud of delivering the most high-end UV-resistant polyurethane castfloors for homeowners and retailers. Finishes which can easily be combined with all kinds of floor heating systems. We offer our clients a 5 year guarantee on the colour fastness of this particular kind of "aliphatic polyurethane cast floors". These finishes contain the highest quality pigments and additives to maintain colour over a long period of time and to withstand the influence of UV-radiation. As a homeowner, you can get big discounts on cast floors which are larger than 200 square meters. The biggest advantage of polyurethane enhanced cast floors are their wide range of application; bathrooms, living floors, kitchens and even garages. You name it, polyurethane castfloors can be applied on every floor base. The finish needs a stable and clean surface, so this is the main task our team is working on. Many older concrete floors need some kind of smoothing and cleaning. Sanding is the most effective way to smooth out all the little bumps in an older concrete slab, but we can also clean up concrete by using in situ flame annealing.

Epoxy enhanced castfloors used in industrial environments

Industrial environments need another kind of castfloor system. The floor finish needs to counter extreme chemical and mechanical loads, whether it will be a heavy transport vehicle or an oil spill. The only resin type that fits all these demands is epoxy resin. Epoxy enhanced cast flooring can be applied very thin and completely seamless. It protects the soil from any fluids coming through and the entire finish is dust- and dirt repellent. We can also arrange for special ESD (Electric Static Discharge) cast flooring, finishes which are slip resistant and have many other attributes which contribute to low maintenance, durability and core quality of industrial floors.

Want to know more about our smart castfloors or resinfloors? Call us at: +31 020-846 36 94. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


G-vloeren Nieuws

30 augustus 2018

G-vloeren levert succesvol 8 woningen op in Ibiza

Er wordt niet alleen gefeest op Ibiza, er wordt ook nog gewerkt! Het team van G-vloeren heeft onlangs prachtige PU-gietvloeren opgeleverd voor acht woningen op dit populaire eiland..

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21 augustus 2018

Industrievloeren van G-vloeren

Vloeren van productiefaciliteiten en industriële ruimten moeten over de sterkste eigenschappen beschikken. Chemische producten mogen niet doordringen in de ondergrond, de vloer ...

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Hierbij willen wij onze complimenten geven aan het team van G-vloeren. Van begin tot eind een goede service gehad en de gietvloer is schitterend geworden.

Familie van Stralen

Beste G-vloeren,
Top werk geleverd en zeer blij met het resultaat van onze duo design gietvloer. Wij raden iedereen aan om bij G-vloeren een gietvloer aan te schaffen.

Jan en Bianca Rutten

Graag willen wij jullie bedanken voor de prachtige vloer en jullie goede service. Met name onze complimenten aan Vincent.

Richard Langeland

Geweldig werk, service en zeer flexibel
Onze winkelvloer was in 2 dagen alweer volledig belastbaar waardoor wij geen omzet verloren zijn in tegenstelling met andere vloersystemen.