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7000+ tevreden klanten

Introducing G-vloeren BV – Industrial and commercial high quality epoxy floors

G-vloeren delivers and applies high-end epoxy flooring for industrial use. Epoxy floors are the most easy to maintain finishes for floors which are continuously burdened by chemical fluids, mechanical loads of people and transporting vehicles or other kinds of loads. Epoxy floors are seamless, have a much stronger tensile- and compressive strength in compared to cast concrete and are used in every kind of industrial surrounding. These watertight and very thin finishes have been very popular because resinfloors keep maintenance costs low. They are easy to clean with mechanical cleaning devices. At G-vloeren we offer you a wide range of smart epoxy floors; slip resistant, completely water- and chemical proof, epoxy floors withstanding high temperatures, wear resistant finishes, dust- and liquid repellent and so on. We have been applying epoxy floors in very different kinds of environments, on different floor bases (concrete, steal, and even wooden floor bases) and for a period of over 15 years now. You can even hire us to install complete ESD-flooring to neutralize any static electricity.

Colours, finishes and special epoxy floor applications

Epoxy is not only used for floor finishing, it can also be used for construction elements, walls and any other building element that needs a strong finish or top layer. Epoxy floors are also applied in hospitals and medical centres to guarantee a very hygienic and dust free environment. But even if you are the owner of a car repair shop, the easiest way to protect the soil will be a high quality seamless epoxy floor. Epoxy floors have just the right strength and features to make your floor sustainable over many years of cleaning, spilling oil or working with other chemical fluids. At G-vloeren, we offer you a wide variety of colours. Our average epoxy floors prizes range from a very low prize for every square meter (m2) to a bit higher for our top-quality epoxy products. The prize is very much related to the actual features you want to incorporate (slip resistant, anti-static features?) and all the necessary preparations we have to make to create a very smooth and clean floor base.

At G-vloeren, you can create your own design epoxy floor, taking advantage of the many different colours in which our resinfloors are available. We don’t distinguish between home- or business owners, every epoxy floor can be tailor-made to your wishes and demands.

You can also visit our beautiful decorated showroom. Call us at: +31 020-846 36 94. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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